Outside-In Selling


The purpose of the Outside-In Selling workshop is to instill a customer-centered outlook in the minds of the participants and provide them with the skills for confident and effective communication of their unique value at all levels within the customer's organizations.

It will teach them to think about their solutions from the customer's point of view in order to much more effectively sell value and develop enduring relationships built on trust.

Participants learn how to position their solution for maximum value in the mind of the customer, deploy skillful questioning techniques to get customers to persuade themselves, and anticipate and manage difficult customer objections.

During This Workshop Sales Professionals Will Learn To:

  • Approach each sales opportunity from the customer's perspective

  • Identify and quantify the value of all possible competitive differentiators

  • Harness the power of questioning to get customers to convince themselves

  • Develop powerful value propositions to open doors at high levels

  • Anticipate and prepare for difficult objections

  • Adapt their presentations to customers' social styles

  • Actively listen

  • Structure their sales calls for greatest effectiveness

  • Conduct appropriate research to build credibility and uncover customer and prospect needs

  • Employ techniques that result in high level appointments by exhibiting professionalism and credibility


Each participant prepares a sales call plan for an actual upcoming critical sales call, and conducts at least three role plays of increasing complexity. OIS is effective both as a natural extension of the KAPS sales planning course, or by itself.

Workshop Outline

  • Introduction
    > The OIS Model
    > How to Build Trust
  • Selling Business Benefits
    > Why do Needs Exist?
    > The Most Important Words in Sales
    > Solution Value Worksheet
  • Advanced Questioning
    > Rules for Questioning
    > The SCCC Questioning Model
    > Building Credibility
  • ROLE PLAY #1

  • Sales Communications
    > Active Listening
    > Body Language
    > Sensory Modes and Social Styles
  • Business Intelligence
    > The Knowledge Pyramid
    > Information Sources
  • Call Structure
    > The Value Proposition
    > The Action Statement
    > Agendas
  • ROLE PLAY #2

  • Managing Objections
    > Reasons Customers Object
    > Objection Planning Worksheets
    > Objection Management Tactics
    > Price Objections
  • Getting In
    > The Mind of the Customer
    > The Prospecting Communication
    > Dealing with Gatekeepers
    > Overcoming Level-Lock
  • ROLE PLAY #3


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