In today’s hypercompetitive sales environment,
one of the most enduring sources of competitive
advantage is a skilled, confident, and thoroughly
professional sales team—with the knowledge,
experience and processes to consistently
add value to your customers’ high-level
decision makers and develop long-term
profitable customer relationships.

How does your sales force measure up?

Consultative: Knows customers and their
needs well enough to discover unknown
problems and create profit-improvement
opportunities. Operates confidently at
executive decision-making levels. These rare
professionals may provide 80% of your profits.

Solution: Can process a lot of information to solve known customer
problems and manage complex customer relationships. Operates confidently
at operational and technical decision-making levels.

Feature-Advantage-Benefit: Knows the product and can connect it to customer requirements. Operates confidently at technical and user levels.

Commodity: Reacts to customer requests and sells primarily on price. The order taker.

Finding and cultivating these rare professionals is not easy.
The FPG Approach entails:

  • Realistic, hard-hitting training to instill appropriate skills and attitudes

  • Disciplined and consistent sales tools and processes to support on-going excellence

  • Automated systems to collect, communicate, and retain critical customer information

  • Performance management processes to focus, coach, evaluate and reinforce performance


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