Falcon Performance Group helps companies involved
in value-added, complex sales build high-performing
and thoroughly professional sales teams—with the
knowledge, ability and tools to create value for their
customers and consistently deliver outstanding
business results.

Falcon Performance Group, Inc. is dedicated to preparing
sales professionals for the demands of today's challenging
business world by improving their sales planning, financial,
and personal communications skills.

Deploying innovative tools and concepts, we specialize in the
improvement of sales performance in the complex sale,
developing the skills and attitudes essential for success at
the consultative and solution selling levels.

We believe that the performance of a professional, confident
and prepared sales force can be one of your most important
sources of competitive advantage--and the hardest for your
competitors to copy!

Our clients include domestic and international companies involved
in IT hardware, software and services, telecommunications, food ingredients,
financial services, office equipment and test and maintenance equipment.

Jack Malcolm is a nationally recognized speaker, trainer and sales consultant. With ten years of corporate banking experience prior to becoming a sales trainer in 1991, Jack has a rare combination of financial expertise, consultative sales experience and dynamic speaking excellence which has helped numerous national and international clients who sell complex products and systems.

Jack also delivers a range of dynamic training programs geared toward creating and delivering more effective communications. His unique experience gathered from years of presenting and honing his craft add a powerful ingredient to the traditional methods of improving communications. Learn more about Jack's communications programs at JackMalcolm.com

Jack is the author of:

Bottom-Line Selling: The Sales Professional’s Guide to Improving Customer Profits

Bottom Line Selling: The Sales Professional's Guide to Improving Customer Profits

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Strategic Sales Presentations

Strategic Sales Presentations

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