Selling Profits Not Products


The purpose of the Selling Profits Not Products workshop is to provide a solid foundation for consultative and solution selling.

The SPNP workshop gives sales professionals the language and knowledge to speak confidently with their customers’ business decision makers, thus positioning themselves as true business problem solvers.

Selling Profits Not Products has been designed specifically for application to sales, so all material is subjected to the “so what” test to ensure it is immediately relevant and profitable.

During This Workshop Sales Professionals Will Learn To:

  • Use the Profit Wedge sales approach to create value for their customers

  • Conduct appropriate research to uncover customer and prospect needs and build the credibility essential for gaining access to top level decision makers
  • Extract maximum sales value from customers’ annual reports
  • Understand the language of financial statements

  • Use key business ratios to diagnose profit improvement opportunities and express the value of their solutions

  • Define their product or service in terms of measurable business impact for their customers

  • Analyze their customers’ “cash flow engine” to uncover customers’ problems and needs

  • Express the value of their product or service in up to ten dimensions of value

  • Know how and when to use financial proposals to close sales opportunities


Each attendee brings annual reports and other materials for a key customer relationship or sales opportunity. Applying SPNP concepts to existing sales opportunities provides immediate meaning and return on your training investment.

Workshop Outline

  • Introduction
    > Profit Wedge Selling
    > The difference between selling products and selling profits
    > Why do needs exist?
    > The most important words in sales
    > The solution value worksheet
  • Business Intelligence
    > The Knowledge Pyramid
    > Fundamental questions
    > On-line information sources
  • Reading Annual Reports
    > Annual report components
    > The Top 10 questions for focused reading
    > Where to find the answers
  • The Financial Statements
    > The income statement
    > Balance sheet
    > Statement of changes in financial condition
  • Knowing the Score
    > Operating Ratios
    > Activity Ratios
    > Intermediate measurements
  • Defining Your Product
    > The 3-dimensional product
    > Total product concept
    > Product life cycle
  • Efficiency
    > Reducing costs
    > The line item approach
    > The process approach
    > Asset efficiency
  • Effectiveness
    > Increasing revenue
    > Revenue dynamics
    > Increasing the gross profit margin
  • Speed
    > Quantifying the value of speed
    > How to examine your customers’ business processes
    > Speeding up the processes
  • Developing Financial Proposals
    > When to use a financial proposal
    > The elements of effective proposals
    > Computing the earnings differential
    > Standard financial measurements
    > Accounting for risk


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