Key Account Planning System


The purpose of the KAPS workshop is to instill a common strategic sales process within your organization. It is accomplished by giving sales professionals practical tools and concepts to develop and execute superior sales strategies at the key account, sales opportunity, and sales call levels.

The workshop will teach participants how to gather and use essential information to create focused sales plans—based on deep understanding of customer needs— in order to sell the value of their solution at all decision-making levels.

During This Workshop Sales Professionals Will Learn To:

  • Analyze their sales cycle and gauge their progress

  • Understand the different levels of sales value and when each is appropriate

  • Define sales opportunities from the customer’s perspective

  • Gain agreement on the added value of their solution

  • Create customer-focused action plans to win business

  • Complete an objective situation analysis

  • Prepare for critical sales calls

  • Develop strategic sales objectives aligned with customers’
    vision and business strategies

  • Generate successful strategies for navigating the decision making process

  • Share a common language and process to facilitate team selling


Each sales team completes and receives coaching on an opportunity plan, sales call plan, and key account plan for actual sales situations. Participants will be provided with Word templates.

Workshop Outline

  • Introduction
    > Levels of Sales Value
    > KAPS Principles
    > KAPS workflow and tool kit
  • Sales Funnel
    > Matching the Selling and Buying Cycles
    > Phases in the Sales Cycle
    > Using the funnel for territory management
    > Sales Funnel Workshop
  • Key Account Planning
    > Key Account Planning Principles
    > Crafting the Direction for the Account
    > Customer Analysis
    > Supplier Analysis
    > Competitive Analysis
    > Key Account Action Plan
    > Plan Presentations and Coaching
  • Opportunity Planning
    > Opportunity Planning Process Overview
    > Defining the Sales Goal
    > Situation Evaluation
    > Quality Scoring
    > Strategic Objectives and Action Plan
    > Plan Presentations and Coaching
  • Sales Call Planning
    > Call Purpose and Actions
    > Value Proposition
    > Preparing for Objections
    > The S-CCC Questioning Model
    > Plan Presentations and Coaching


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